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The fusion of music with rave feeling, amplified through visual arts

To Keep your mind enlightened &
your body shaked by progressive techno


My name is Gwendal, I’m french.
Art incubed by my family of painters and musicians, after 13 years of piano conservatory and electro rock bands, I felt the urge to free myself of codes through technology, hybridizing electronic grooves with the soul bond happening in jams with instrumentalists.
It lead me to organize the forest of visions festival in Paris in 2010, supporting the psychedelic scene by decorating events and mixing with my crew, in between Paris, Greece and Germany.
But I needed to also explore Drum and Bass and I released last year my first EP on the label “Liquid drops” last year.

With Artsubs,
I come maturity in condensing my original signature, to bring the tribal and progressive techno drives to an hybrid musicality. I acknowledge my need to become a full range artist, where music is only the starting point to a vibrant, collaborative and visual experience

I feel Artsubs should be an opened concept, so if your feel like collaborating, I’m looking forward to hearing from you