As someone born into a family of artists, creativity flows through my veins. But for a while, I strayed from that path, diving into corporate life. It drained me but I persevered, digging for my signature sound. Then, genAI happened, I could make visuals. it triggered, my transformation, my signature bloomed with meaning, and purpose— With my dream crew, we founded the label SUB BLAST. My latest release, “Minima – Maxima,” embodies this journey. I paint with synths and guitars a picture of human experience—embracing distress, anger, beauty, and the quest for something more. Inspired by the electronic scene of the late 90s, “Minima-Maxima” fuses deep house and progressive melodic techno, echoing both nostalgia and innovation. Its visuals pay homage to Icarus and Dante’s myths, as characters confront their fears and surrender to art, melting into liquid paint and ascending to cosmic realms. But it isn’t just music—it’s my metamorphosis. It’s about reclaiming my artistic roots and embracing technology’s endless possibilities.

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